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New for 2019

New Airstream Caravans

New Airstream caravans have been brought to the UK and designed specifically for the narrower British roads. These American icons are meant to be travelled in and built to discover new places and to embark on adventures of a lifetime. The UK Airstream creates a special attitude to life and combines luxury and timeless design in a way that no other tourer can match. Inside the Airstream caravans you will find incredibly stylish design and premium fabrics to create a modern yet cosy space to unwind in after a fun filled day. View our range of Airstream caravans below or get in touch for more information.

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 Colorado range
Flagship Range

Airstream Colorado Caravans

The Airstream Colorado is uncompromising in its size, in its comfort and in its performance. The Airstream Colorado meets the needs of the tech savvy generation with ease and offers a comprehensive entertainment centre, allowing you to connect and plug in as often as you need. The Airstream Colorado puts climate control at your fingertips, with a programmable LCD touchscreen control centre, that allows you to fine tune your Alde heating and water system. From its signature cohesive aluminium shell, to intelligent design which sees furnishings hug its curves, the Airstream Colorado is anything but average. The Manhattan and the Americana are the Airstream Colorado’s main soft furnishing themes. Both of these themes offer leather upholstery and decadent features; from the Americana’s cow hide feature cushions, to the monochromatic, more minimalist look of the Manhattan’s furniture. 

 Yukon range
American Classic

Airstream Yukon Caravans

With the Airstream Yukon caravan there are no boundaries or borders; simply miles of open roads and new possibilities. Sometimes known as ‘the silver bullet’ due to its unmistakable aluminium shell, aerodynamic design and panoramic windows, the Airstream Yukon also carries interior features of the highest specifications. Raising the bar for comfort, this exciting arrival from Airstream will redefine what it means to explore in style. With a comprehensive entertainment centre, offering you ample audio-visual functionality, the Airstream Yukon allows you to stay as connected as you want on your travels. The Airstream Yukon offers the choice of Manhattan and Americana theming, characterised by leather upholstery and generous cushioning, and there is also a fabric option – Impala. Attractive styling is supported by supple materials which stand up to cold weather, without cracks appearing. Wherever you are heading to or returning from, the Airstream Yukon is simply a pleasure to inhabit.

 Missouri range
Best Seller

Airstream Missouri Caravans

Although the most compact model in this iconic Airstream caravan range, the Airstream Missouri does not compromise on comfort, and still carries the classic design that is recognised all over the globe. The Airstream Missouri tourer is equipped to embrace the digital era, giving you more audio-visual options than ever before. Whenever you are ready to plug in and relax, there is an entertainment centre waiting for you. This Airstream leaves nothing to chance where your comfort is concerned; an Alde central heating system with programmable LCD touchscreen control allows you to fine tune the heating to your preferences. The magic is in your journey. With the Airstream Missouri you can live on the spur of the moment; as long as there are roads, there are limitless adventures. View the Airstream Missouri today.