It’s the small things that make the biggest difference

Like most businesses during the Pandemic, we had to take a step back and look at what we could do to streamline our operations.

We no longer include bedding in our Go Luxury Burstner hire fleet, resulting in bags and bags of unused top-quality bedding, duvets, pillows, towels & bathrobes.

The local homeless veteran’s shelter & supported housing centre, The Beacon on Catterick Garrison, seemed the perfect place.  A motorhome was loaded up with the bedding (the only vehicle big enough), driven round, and unloaded by several of the veterans currently residing there.

Sometimes we take the little things for granted – for one Veteran, the offer of a plump pillow, made his year.  Voicing their thanks for the donations – we knew it was the right decision.  This one small act of kindness, we hope, will make a change to those who perhaps sometimes feel forgotten – especially at this time of year.

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