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What is the best 4 berth motorhome?

Taking the family away in a motorhome can be a brilliant experience for all – but it really pays to make sure you’ve got a vehicle with the right amount of room to provide everyone’s comfort during your trip. For average-sized families this is likely to mean 4 berth motorhomes. Everyone can take having a decent bed to sleep in for granted, and there will be plenty of social space for mealtimes and the customary morning and evening gatherings. Day-to-day ‘moving around the vehicle’ won’t be a problem in a four berth motorhome.


What is the best 4 berth motorhome? It’s difficult to say as there are some fantastic models on the market. In this edition of our blog we’re going to focus on a trio of 4 berth motorhomes that we feel will comfortably fulfil a family’s needs, and provide you with an overview of them.


Firstly, though, a reminder that unsecured passengers in any type of vehicle are a real hazard – to themselves and to everyone else – should there be an accident. In the case of motorhomes, the number of passengers should only equate to the number of belted seats. So, a four berth motorhome legally requires four travel seats (that is to say, four forward-facing seats with seatbelts) if you are intending that four people will travel in it. 





1.    Swift Voyager 594: 


The Voyager is a coachbuilt range of motorhomes, and the 594 has the distinction of being a four berth motorhome (with four belted travel seats) and with fixed bed - an island double at the rear, so it’s great for parents who want a bit of time to themselves in the relatively private confines of a bedroom. This is separated from the forward parts of the 594 by the washroom area, which is accessible from both ends of the vehicle.

In front of the washroom is the kitchen area, conveniently split to either side of the central walkway and offering an ‘all around me’ vibe for the chef! It’s also well-equipped with everything you need to cater for the family while you’re out and about. There’s a decent amount of living space at the front of this 7.85m Swift model, with the lounge featuring bench sofas either side of a pedestal leg table (with electric height adjustment). The bench seating also converts into bedding, so everyone will be comfortable when it’s time for a snooze!



2.    Burstner Lyseo TD Harmony Line HD 594:


When the kids are a little bit older and you feel confident enough to let them loose in something truly luxurious, a Burstner motorhome is a great choice – and the Lyseo Harmony Line could be perfect. In common with other Burstner motorhomes it has been designed to offer the maximum space without any compromise on comfort and convenience. The front lounge is a great social space with two side-facing settees (which easily convert to two belted travelling seats), and above this area is a hugely convenient electric drop-down bed. Imagine not having to make up all of the motorhome beds each evening! The Lyseo Harmony Line 594 has, of course, four belted travel seats.


3.    Auto-Trail F-Line:


The four berth F 74 is one of the smartest motorhomes available – immediately apparent by the striking exterior graphics. This low-profile coachbuilt also really delivers on the interior where a spacious front living area featuring bench seating provides quality social space for the family to enjoy spending time together. Having a 4 berth motorhome with 4 travel seats is crucial for families – and so the optional ‘half dinette’, which offers the benefit of two additional travel seats fully fitted with seatbelts, means that four people can travel safely in the F74. 

An integrated electronic dropdown bed over this space makes bedtime so much easier – and a rear island bed offers a relatively private bedroom area towards the rear of the F 74. An added benefit of Auto-Trail F-Line motorhomes is the overhead panoramic skylight, which delivers beautiful natural light throughout the interior, giving these family motorhomes a wonderful ambience that everyone will enjoy.




There are many other four berth motorhomes in stock at Leisure World which will offer families a travelling home from home, and a great deal of enjoyment. Browse our website to see more!

What is the best 4 berth motorhome?
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