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Selling your motorhome is a big decision, but it couldn't be easier; contact us using the form below. Please scroll down for our four simple steps to Brokerage. You'll also find a short guide on what to consider when selling your motorhome.

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1. Free valuation

Contact us using the form below or visit your local Leisure World dealership, and we will provide you with an accurate, no-obligation market valuation of your motorhome.

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National and Local Advertising

2. Free Advertising

Leisure World will promote your motorhome nationally, advertising in more places and to more buyers than any other provider. This ensures you get the best price possible.

Here is a quick list of services we include to help sell your motorhome:

  • Wash and valet your motorhome
  • Complete set of quality photos
  • Interactive 360 walk-around
  • Write up an attention-grabbing description and feature list 
  • Walk-around video
  • Handling of all potential buyer enquires and questions
  • Negotiations to achieve the best-selling price
  • Finance or part exchange services
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3. Full sale management

We do all the work for you, making this one of the most convenient ways to sell your motorhome. With no pushy or unwanted visitors at your home. Leisure World will sell your motorhome securely and professionally from our dealership forecourt, ensuring it is presentable and sale ready.

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4. Secure transaction

This is the most secure way to sell your Motorhome. Leisure World will handle the financial transaction, removing the fear of fraud. We will pay you by BACS transfer once the sales is completed in full.

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No sale, no fee!

If we don't sell your motorhome, you pay us nothing! Find out why thousands of motorhome owners choose Leisure World to sell their motorhome. Please fill in the valuation form below.

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Sell My Motorhome

Selling your motorhome is a significant decision that requires careful consideration - and it's also essential to determine the best approach for selling it. In this guide, we'll discuss the factors to consider, the different methods of selling, and how Leisure World compares to other alternatives. When motorhome owners decide to sell, three factors typically influence their decision-making process: the selling price, the speed of the sale and the ease of the process. Each selling method prioritises one of these factors, which we will explore further. However, it's essential to note that only brokerage offers the flexibility to prioritise any of these factors based on your changing needs.

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What is Motorhome Brokerage?

Motorhome brokerage is a service that helps owners sell their motorhomes. It's similar to having an estate agent sell your home but is designed specifically for motorhomes. We act as intermediaries and sell the motorhomes on behalf of the owners. Our goal is to expose the motorhome to a wide market and secure the best price for the owner. By using Leisure World's services, owners can benefit from the expertise of our established network, ensuring a smooth and efficient selling process.

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The Leisure World Selling Process


If you're thinking about selling your motorhome or campervan via Leisure World, here's a step-by-step breakdown of how the process works:

  1. Get in touch: Start by reaching out to Leisure World. You can contact us via the form on this page or our Contact Us page. Alternatively, call your nearest branch.
  2. Initial consultation: After you have contacted Leisure World, we will chat about your motorhome with you. This conversation will allow us better to understand your motorhome's details, features and condition.
  3. Assessment and marketing: We will arrange a viewing of your motorhome at a Leisure World branch. A qualified team member will inspect your motorhome physically and carefully evaluate its condition, agree on a competitive selling price and collect detailed descriptions and photographs. Your motorhome will then be listed on the Leisure World website, which receives hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. 
  4. Enquiries and negotiations: Once the marketing campaign is live, your broker will handle all enquiries from interested buyers. They will represent you in negotiating offers and finalising the deal. Your broker will also organise the handover arrangements to ensure a smooth transition.
  5. Secure payment process: Payment for your motorhome will be made through Leisure World’s secure account. To provide peace of mind, we will only hand over the keys once Leisure World has received cleared funds from the buyer. Throughout this process, your motorhome will be securely parked within a Leisure World dealership, ensuring its safety.

Leisure World aims to make selling your motorhome or campervan a hassle-free experience. By utilising our brokerage services, you can tap into our vast network, professional expertise and marketing reach to attract the right buyers and achieve the best price for your motorhome.

If you have any further questions or need additional information, please let contact a member of our team!


What are the benefits of using a motorhome broker?


Selling your motorhome through Leisure World brings many benefits, some of which include:


  1. No upfront costs: You won't have to pay any upfront fees when selling your motorhome through Leisure World. This means there's no financial risk in trying our service.
  2. No-sale, no-fee policy: If your motorhome doesn't sell for some reason, there's no cost to you - although, it should be noted that all the motorhomes on our website do sell!
  3. Extensive advertising coverage: Leisure World provides one of the broadest advertising coverages in the industry. This expanded coverage increases our chances of selling your motorhome quickly and at the expected price.
  4. Effortless selling process: Leisure World's team handles everything for you. You won't have to deal with buyers, haggle over prices or worry about the legitimacy of payments. Our sales people are experienced professionals who sell motorhomes daily and are very comfortable with the entire process.
  5. Secure payment process: Fraud is a growing problem in the private motorhome market, but Leisure World has a secure payment system that protects you from fraudulent activities.
  6. Broad market reach: Leisure World does not confine its services to any particular market sector. We sell caravans, campervans, and motorhomes of various types, models and prices with equal success. If you have a motorhome to sell, Leisure World is the ideal place to do it.


Overall, Leisure World provides a simple, no-risk way to sell your motorhome. Our platform gives you access to a broad market, professional expertise and secure payment processes, ensuring you get the best price for your motorhome and a completely worry-free selling experience.


What are the alternatives to using a motorhome broker?


While selling your motorhome through Leisure World offers many advantages, it's also important to consider other methods. Here are a few alternative ways to sell your motorhome or campervan:

  1. Advertise it yourself: You can use online classifieds, social media or local publications to advertise your motorhome for sale. The advantage is that you will have complete control over the process and potentially find a genuine buyer at the right price. However, it's important to note that reaching a broad market and getting the best price may be more challenging without the advertising power and expertise of Leisure World.
  2. Selling to a motorhome dealer: Selling your motorhome to Leisure World is also convenient, as we typically handle all the paperwork, and you don't have to deal with potential buyers. However, the trade-in price may be lower compared to our brokerage service. It's worth considering this option if convenience is a priority.

Each of these alternative methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it's essential to carefully consider your priorities - maximising the sale price, convenience or a combination of both. Leisure World offers a comprehensive and professional service that aims to get you the best price while handling the entire selling process.


What to do now

Contact Leisure World today for a free valuation. Complete the form above or call your nearest dealership to discuss the best option for selling your motorhome or campervan.