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What kind of person buys an A-class motorhome?

One of the significant developments at Leisure World in 2023 is a new focus on A-class motorhomes. Into 2024, this type of luxury liner will be showcased and readily available at our destination branch in Catterick. A-class motorhomes offer a true increase in quality across the board, and represent an enhanced blend of comfort, convenience and capability. They are truly for those who love life on the road to be based around luxury, i.e. the connoisseur – but what exactly does that mean? What type of person buys an A-class motorhome? In this edition of our blog we’ll explain…

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A word you will almost certainly have heard bandied about over the last few years, as the experts hone in on patterns in consumer behaviour, is ‘demographic.’ This means ‘type of person,’ and the demographic which buys an A-class motorhome may actually vary, but there is a general trend. Results do spring from art not exact science, but A-class motorhome sales are most often associated with a more affluent and experienced demographic – in other words, people with a bit of money and a keen appreciation for detail, quality and capability. If you are reading his, then that probably means you.

There are certain characteristics we can associate with A-class motorhome buyers. These vehicles are larger and often much more luxurious than other domestic classes (though that’s not to decry the quality of non A-class motorhomes, of course) – therefore they come in at a higher price point and tend to attract buyers with higher disposable incomes. This often means those working in well-paid professional environments, those with a large amount kept in savings, or those who finally have access to a lump sum accrued through years of paying in before retirement.


Retirees: It is important not to underestimate the power of the ‘grey pound.’ Retirees may look to put decades of work behind them by travelling during their retirement years, and to do so they may be interested in buying a spacious and comfortable A-class vehicle which offers all of the creature comforts they have come to expect in a home environment.

Vehicle illustrated: Burstner Elegance


Professionals: Whether blue collar or white collar, those who earn high salaries are likely to want to put that money to highly productive use in their ‘downtime.’ Investing in an A-class motorhome increases the quality of experience during leisure time, offering a status vehicle which is extremely well-fitted and well-kitted. Motorhomes also tend to retain a high proportion of their value (relatively speaking), with A-class editions always much sought after – so you could expect a decent return if you decided to sell.

Vehicle illustrated: Adria Supersonic


Beneficiaries: Sometimes in life you may find that you ‘come into some money’ – either through the financial proceeds after a bereavement of some kind, from a redundancy, or perhaps even ‘a big win.’ On these occasions it is likely that you’re going to want to invest some money in a sensible way, and an A-class motorhome could be just the ticket. Motorhomes do depreciate, but these type of vehicles also tend to retain a very handsome proportion of their value, particularly if they are well cared for and maintained.

Vehicle illustrated: Adria Sonic


Even More Demographics!

As we mentioned previously, the general trend for A-class motorhome sales is towards a more affluent demographic – though for many buyers there are also finance options available so it’s not an absolutely exact pin in the map. Aside from the ‘money issue’ the demographics can be broken down even further…


Travel enthusiasts: A-class motorhome buyers are most often people who have a genuine passion for regular travel over longer periods of time, and therefore require a particularly well-equipped and comfortable, high-functioning vehicle for extended journeys. An A-class readily provides quality at every point – in terms of power, performance, comfort, convenience and luxury. This class of vehicle is sometimes described as ‘high-end hotel-level comfort’ on wheels.

Vehicle illustrated: Roller Team Pegaso


Luxury seekers: The high-end features we just mentioned include spacious living areas which have been cleverly created to enhance the ‘flow’ of daily life within the vehicle, comfortable and spacious beds, modern well-kitted kitchens and luxurious washroom amenities. Each area of an A-class has been designed, crafted and finished with the utmost attention to detail. Buyers who always seek out the best in life are likely to be drawn to A-class motorhomes, as they offer that ‘cut above.’

Vehicle illustrated: Coachman Travelmaster Imperial


Experienced motorhomers: Often, A-class motorhomes are chosen by individuals or couples who have previous experience with smaller vehicles and now find themselves ready to invest in a more feature-rich and fancy model. They will already know how it feels to handle a motorhome and feel capable of making the step up to a larger vehicle. They’ll also be looking for a larger-sized, more luxurious living space and a more comprehensive package of features and amenities.

Vehicle illustrated: Burstner Lyseo Harmony


It's important to remember that even though the trends described in this edition of our blog are accurate, they’re just general. If you don’t consider yourself to be a ‘good fit’ for the demographics detailed here it doesn’t really matter – and in some ways that is the ‘wrong way round’ to think about it. The decision to purchase an A-class motorhome is influenced by factors such as lifestyle, budget, travel goals and personal preferences – but most of all it is influenced by the absolute top-notch quality of these very special vehicles. Now, with Leisure World’s focus on them throughout 2024, you can come along to Catterick and choose an A-class motorhome of your own.

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What kind of person buys an A-class motorhome?
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