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Last Updated: 08/05/2018

This page is where we put all the power in your hands. To provide you with the best possible standard of service and customer care, we want you to choose how you would like us to keep in touch.

On this page you can choose your contact preferences, request that your personal data be permanently removed, find out how and why we collect your data, and read our privacy and cookie policies.

Staying in touch

As one of our valued subscribers you are among the first to find out about all of our great offers, discounts, products and exciting events. This means you never have to miss out on the hottest news or deals, but we just want to make sure you still want this information and how you would best like to receive it.

You can be sure that when you trust us with your data it will be safe; we ensure all of your personal information is always secure and we never sell data on to a third party. Update your contact preferences below.

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Personal details provided by you, such as your e-mail address, postal address, interests and vehicle data may be processed and used for Leisure World Group Limited, related marketing communications and will not be shared for marketing purposes beyond this. To make this possible, methods of data analysis are used on occasion (profiling) to ensure you receive personalised marketing messages (such as special offers, products and event information, service reminders etc). To receive this information in the formats most convenient for you, please tick the relevant boxes below:
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Your privacy is important to us

We respect your privacy and always try to do the best by you. Take a moment to read our privacy policy to find out why and how we collect your data, what we use it for and how your data is stored.


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