It's a win for Erwin Hymer at the 2023 Practical Motorhome Awards

Best Motorhome under 7m - Elddis Autoquest 115

“If you’re looking for a motorhome under 7m (seven metres), you’ve come to the right place, as the Practical Motorhome Awards 2023 are here to help”, says Practical Motorhome. “We’ve worked tirelessly to use our decades of industry experience to judge the best motorhome under 7m, which we reveal here.”

Elddis Autoquest 115
Price: £56,769 on-the-road
MTPLM: 3500kg
Length: 6.6m
Width: 2.2m

“You could say it is the difference between Continentals and Brits, but when Erwin Hymer UK redesigned its end kitchen two-berth to fit on a slightly longer chassis this season, what use did the designers make of the extra 45cm that gave them? They didn’t, as some might expect, expand the corner washroom. The motorhome still has a shower that shares space with the washbasin area. Instead, they have lengthened the parallel settees.

“When you think about it, that makes perfect sense. It means you have more room to entertain your friends, and it’s great news for the taller ones amongst us if you prefer to keep the settees as single beds. But even if you make up the double, this arrangement means there are still two seats each side that remain as seats. As these seats are the right side for the kitchen, they make a perfect place for whichever one of you is the early riser to perch and have a cup of tea. But it could even mean that, if you want to, you can leave the bed made up all day and still have a place to sit."

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