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You Purchase, We Plant!

There is now such raised awareness of humanity’s connection to the wellbeing of the planet that it’s only right for businesses to operate in socially and environmentally conscious fashion during the 21st century. With this in mind, and as a significant part of its sustainability drive, Leisure World is proud to participate in the MoreTrees scheme.

MoreTrees works to plant trees at various projects around the world, and partners with planting initiatives in local communities, to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty. It changes the projects throughout the year, depending on whom they are working with and the current need.

Although, if they wish, participants can choose which specific project their contribution goes to, Leisure World has opted to support all current and ongoing projects, including those running in Madagascar, Kenya, Honduras, Nepal, Mexico, Eritrea, Brazil, India, and the Philippines.

Since January 2022, when Leisure World opted into MoreTrees, a wealth of trees have been planted due to their involvement. Each time a customer purchases a vehicle another tree is added to the company’s quota. When MoreTrees has a UK-based project, the intention is that Leisure World will switch its efforts to supporting this.

 “We believe in a sustainable model or, at least, that business must strive to get as close to sustainable as possible,” says Nick Steele, Leisure World’s Social Networking Executive. “I spent much time researching the right scheme, and MoreTrees stood out. We think Leisure World customers will be happy that we’re being proactive and doing our bit, and that each of their purchases is marked in a truly positive way”.

Nick and his team have studied various aspects of the business in recent months to see where positive changes can be made, and there's more to come in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

You Purchase, We Plant!
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